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About AvengerDAO

AvengerDAO is a community driven initiative that protects users from possible exploits, scams and malicious actors on BNB Chain. The founding members of AvengerDAO started this because BNB Chain is the largest public chain today, and the larger the community, the greater the responsibility. Our goal is to protect users from financial losses and malicious contracts. Deter malicious actors and notify BNB Chain’s users. We aim to enhance further adoption by setting an industry standard for safe practices and raise awareness on safety and security in the ecosystem.

Main products:

At the moment, there are three proposed products in AvengerDAO, they are Meter, Watch and Vault.


Meter rates smart contracts, domains and addresses. Alerts show when users interact with flagged dApps.


Watch warns subscribers in real time when security exploits are happening.


Vault helps increase the likelihood that funds may be recovered if lost.