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What is AvengerDao?

  • AvengerDao aims to unite all ecosystem partners to create a community based system to protect BNB chain users.

What is the purpose of Meter?

  • The purpose is to create a security assessment tool leveraging the power of multiple security providers and aggregating the results in a consistent and unified manner.

What are consumers?

  • Consumers are end-users who make requests towards AvengerDao and get back aggregated security results from security provider partners.

What are providers?

  • Providers are partner entities that AvengerDao uses to get back security results which are then aggregated into one unified response for consumers.

Is there some kind of authentication required for consumers?

  • The api is open to use. However, without credentials there are default rate limits. If we provide you with credentials, you can check our public repository with sample code on how to prepare the http request.

What rps (requests per second) rate is acceptable for security providers?

  • About 10 rps should be acceptable.

What response time is acceptable for security providers?

  • Under than 1 second response time should be acceptable.